Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quick Sips: Sixpoint Resin double IPA

Want to be punched in the face with pungent hops? Look no further than Resin, a double IPA from New York's Sixpoint brewery.

Hopheads will love this beer. The aroma is all earthy, heavy pines, very damp and musty. You could roll this smell up and smoke it, that's how pungent it is. The taste is a blast of bitter, bitter hops laden with forest pine. Your mouth is so flooded with cleansing hops it feels like mouthwash (in a good way). Let me say again, hopheads will LOVE this.

And holy crap, this beer is 9.1% ABV? You would never know. I've had many Double IPAs, but few that have masked their alcohol content as well as this. It is so well-hidden it's scary. The malt backbone avoids being sticky sweet like you'll find in many double IPAs, but has a nice, full body that works well with all that hopping. Frighteningly well-balanced and drinkable.

For fans of the style, I can't recommend this beer enough. It's one of the best double IPAs I've had in some time. Seek it out. You'll be glad you did.

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