Sunday, May 13, 2012

Quick Sips: Sierra Nevada Ovila Abbey Saison

Along with Samuel Adams and Brooklyn, Sierra Nevada are one of the breweries that first got me into craft beer many, many years ago. They were true pioneers in the American craft beer movement, their pale ale is an iconic American beer, and they remain relevant today with a roster of strong to outstanding beers. Recently, they teamed up with the Abbey of New Clairvaux to create a line of traditional ales. In additional to an Abbey-style Dubbel and Quad, they also produced a saison released in June 2011.

The beer has a zesty, mildly floral aroma that reminds you of a spring day on a farm. The beer itself is dry, with some spice and peppery notes. The yeast is present in the taste, offering mild breads and light fruits. Overall it drinks light and refreshing, the kind of beer you enjoy while lounging around under the sun.

Still, you can't help but hope for more given Sierra Nevada's otherwise impeccable track record -- and given how gorgeous the bottle is! As far as saisons go, this one is good but not noteworthy. If you want a great example of the style you're better off trying the legendary Saison Dupont, Ommegang's wonderfully musty Hennepin, or Brooklyn's offbeat, not-very-traditional, lemony Sorachi Ace.

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