Thursday, September 15, 2016

Quick Sips: 21st Amendment Bitter American

It's a lament we've heard a million times over the last decade: IPAs are a dime a dozen.

True. That's part of the reason why so-called "session IPAs" and session beers in general have become the fastest growing segment of the craft beer market. Because a lot of people love their hoppy goodness but don’t want yet another beer with an inflated alcohol content.

Bitter American, by 21st Amendment, provides an option for people looking for such beers with this hopped up low alcohol session beer. At just 4.4% ABV it has an alcohol content comparable to a light beer – it’s actually a little less than Corona – but you wouldn’t mistake this for a light beer. The chewy caramel malts alone would make light beers seem like water by comparison.

Throw in bundles of hops with characteristics of tangerine, orange peel, grapefruit and a dash of pine and you’ll be wondering if those light beers are even the same kind of beverage. And all in a brew you can drink all afternoon long! Proof positive that session beers don’t have to be bland beers.

NOTE: Portions of this post originally appeared in the Philly Weekly.

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