Friday, July 29, 2011

Quick Sips: Breckenridge Vanilla Porter

I've had a few vanilla porters here and there, and they've rarely been anything less than good. Despite merely average reviews on Beer Advocate, I think Breckenridge Brewery's vanilla porter is a pretty solid one. It pours black and thick, smells of vanilla with just enough roast to remind you of a vanilla latte if you stretch your imagination, and tastes like a (somewhat) pleasant porter with a WHOA! of a vanilla-laden finish. Lots and lots of vanilla.

But it ain't perfect.

If the underlying porter were better this would be an outstanding beer, but unfortunately the porter part is average at best. It's a bit thin, has a light mouthfeel, and is a little slick tasting. The vanilla is the star of the show here. That's not entirely a bad thing because the vanilla is tasty, I only wish the base beer was better because without the vanilla this is a dud. I wouldn't drink a few of these in a row, but it would make for a nice night-ender.

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