Thursday, June 6, 2013

Landshark Lager: 10 Beers of Summer

Time to turn in my Beer Geek card, because I'm about to shoot my credibility in the foot with a Howitzer. I should probably just go ahead and plug the Corona Summer giveaway we're doing all this week and next, because I'm about to lose half my audience.

But I don't care.

It's like this: The sun is blazing hot above you. Your shirt is soaked with sweat. You're doing yard work or bouncing along the bay in a boat. You want to have a beer you can suck down right from the bottle, and you don't want to think much about that beer, you just want something you can tip back and consume in big, refreshing gulps.

Landshark is one of those beers. They call it an "Island Style Lager," but that doesn't mean jack squat, really. It's just a light lager loosely in the style of Corona and firmly aimed at the same market, i.e. people relaxing on or having a good time at the beach. Clear bottle, summer at the beach feel, and better when you jam a wedge of lime into the bottle. It's a Corona alternative. That's all it aspires to be, and it does a pretty good job at it.

And you know what? Every now and then, during the doggiest of the dog days of summer, something like this is exactly what I crave. It's brewed by the people who make Budweiser, so if you don't want to support the big brewers you'll want to skip this, but for those who like to drink some lime wedge-adorned yellow fizz on 100 degree days? No shame!

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  1. Any beer that requires a slice of fruit in it to be drinkable is, by definition, not a drinkable beer on its own.

    I like beer.

  2. I like landshark, and now that it's gotten a "Celebrating the Suds" endorsement, I don't have to feel bad about it. Thanks!