Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer Beers! WIN a bunch of cool BEER SWAG

Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone, and you know what that means: Cold beer on hot summers days.

Celebrating the Suds wouldn't have it any other way, so we're going to count down 10 of the most refreshing beers to drink during the hot and humid days of summer -- and to celebrate this celebration of celebratable summer beers, we're going to give away tons of BEER SWAG courtesy of the folks at Corona as part of their Corona Summer promotion, including this bitchin' cooler:

Sa-weet! We also have T-shirts, portable iPod speakers, beach mats, and magnets.

Entering to win is easy. Just comment on any blog post made during our 10 Beers of Summer countdown and you'll be entered to win the Corona Summer cooler. You can enter multiple times by commenting multiple times, so comment away! (Limit, one entry per blog post.) Comment = you're entered. Boom, simple.

We're also giving away two sets of portable iPod speakers. To win those, just leave a comment on any of our Facebook posts. Oh yeah, that's right: We're on Facebook now. So surf over, comment there and you will automatically be entered to win a set of iPod speakers. Just like with the cooler, you can comment on multiple posts and be entered to win multiple times. One entry per Facebook post, and only posts to summer beer countdown content counts as an entry, but otherwise enter multiple times!

T-Shirts! All you need to do is "like" our new Facebook page and you'll be entered to win some Corona Summer shirts. Simple as that. We'll choose four winners from everyone who "likes" the page between now and midnight, June 11. Go, like, maybe win.

The beach mats are pretty cool. We'll be announcing how to win them later in the week because ... well, haven't figured it out yet. And ALL winners will get a fridge magnet, which is designed to be written on so you can leave your significant other or roomate messages like, "Buy more beer" or whatever.

So summer beers and some swag from Corona. Yeah!


  1. Does this count as a "summer beer countdown" post, being all about the summer beer countdown as it is?

  2. Yes, this one counts.

    All the other summer beer posts will appear over the course of the next 10 days. The count, too.

  3. Free shit!?! I'm all over that apt metaphor.

  4. I love Corona AND I love free stuff, so sign me up!

  5. Well My Son in Law would love to have this. So please let me have something. LOL LOL